Rescuing Hope

21 02 2009

animal-acres-2008-051Our friends at Animal Acres are calling for help with their recent rescue of four abandoned goats. Please read this appeal from Animal Acres, and, if you can help, please do so. You can also get more information from their website:



And here’s their request:

Farmed animals are the victims of the economy and foreclosure crisis, too. This week, Animal Acres received another urgent call to assist suffering farmed animals in our area – and when we rushed to the scene, we found four abandoned goats. One severely emaciated goat was on her side, thrashing on the ground, amid broken bottles and other trash.The next day, we learned that Hope’s plight wasn’t over, WHEN SHE WENT INTO LABOR. Our veterinarian could not get to Animal Acres immediately, so he coached our Shelter Manager Frank Allen on the phone through the delivery process. Hope was too weak and emaciated to give birth, and she could not push her baby out. Without Frank’s heroic efforts to deliver the baby, both mom and baby would have died. When our veterinarian arrived on the scene and saw Hope’s condition, he could not believe that Hope was alive, or that her baby was born alive. It is truly, a miracle.

After receiving permission to take the animals, we loaded the three non-critical goats into one truck, and carried the downed goat to another truck, where we administered medicine for shock and pain, and gave her fluids. When she was stable enough for transport, we took her to Animal Acres for continued treatments, including trimming her severely overgrown hooves – some of the worst we have ever seen, and most likely the reason she could no longer walk, or get to food and water. Remarkably, after her hooves were trimmed, she was able to stand with our assistance, and then take her first timid steps. We watched her stand next to the hay trough, and eat, and eat, and eat. Our live-in intern Emilee named her HOPE.


As this alert is sent, the baby (who Frank named “Faith”) is doing well and drinking from a bottle since mom cannot nurse. Unfortunately, Hope is unable to stand on her own because of the difficult birth, and appears to be getting weaker. She gave every last ounce of strength she had for her baby. Our veterinarian came to the shelter again yesterday to assess her condition, and in addition to the medications and fluids she is on, all we can do at this time is to help her stand every 2 hours, and hope she begins to regain her strength.WE NEED YOU TO HELP US RESCUE HOPE AND FAITH, and provide hope for the hopeless.


·    We urgently need VOLUNTEERS to help us care for mom and baby, since they required round-the-clock care – including helping mom stand and baby drink. Our small caregiver staff is exhausted from doing 24 care, and we desperately need help! No appointment is necessary if you are coming during the day from 7 am to 6 pm – if you can help in the evenings, please call Frank at 661-212-4647.

·    Please DONATE to our Emergency Rescue Fund to help pay for Hope’s veterinary treatments and medical expenses – and keep our doors open for many other abandoned farmed animals. We are receiving more calls to help suffering farmed animals due to foreclosures – but our donations have dropped significantly due to the economy. We can’t continue our lifesaving work without your help. Please click here to make an emergency rescue donation today.

·    Please SEND THE VIDEO LINK ( to your friends and family to educate them about the plight of farmed animals, and what they can do to help.

Special thanks to Lassen’s of Santa Clarita, a health food store which donated colostrum milk for Faith.




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