Breaking News for Seals – Let’s Get On It

4 03 2009
Everyone – this just came to me. Please read, take a deep breath of hope, and act on it.
One for the seals,

Fantastic news!

IFAW has just returned from Parliament Hill where the Honourable Senator Mac Harb announced a bill that could END Canada’s commercial seal hunt.

That’s right, for the first time in Canadian history, a politician is proposing a law to end the suffering of baby seals. 

No half-measures, no excuses. This is our chance to end the hunt forever.

Senator Harb has shown incredible leadership and courage by speaking out on behalf of the majority of Canadians on this issue. But he cannot win this fight on his own.

You and I must act quickly to ensure this bill is passed into law. 

Senator Harb has asked every caring Canadian to send emails and cards expressing support for an immediate end to Canada’s commercial seal hunt. He wants to fill his office from floor to ceiling with messages of support for the “Harb Seal Bill” and I’ve promised IFAW supporters will stand by him every step of the way.

Our goal is to collect over 200,000 emails, action cards and letters in the next few weeks (one message for every seal that will be killed in this year’s slaughter ) so I’m counting on you to act right now.

Please click here to send an email to the Canadian Senate

urging swift passage of this landmark legislation. It only takes a moment to add your name, and Senator Harb says every email is critical at this historic moment. This is our chance to ensure no more seals are skinned alive or shot and left to suffer.

Please don’t delay. Let’s flood the Senate’s inboxes with messages. Let’s show them Canadians care deeply about this issue and are tired of being ignored by their government. Senator Harb has opened the door. The time to act is now. 

The world is watching.

Let’s show them what we can do,

Olivier Bonnet
Director, IFAW Canada




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