Kudos for The Switch

26 01 2011

I rented The Switch yesterday – a fun Hollywood film with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman. My favourite aspect of the film, however, was the character of Aniston’s son, Sebastian, played by Thomas Robinson. Young Sebastian loved animals reverently, and displayed real emotion and deep caring for the natural world.

Often in Hollywood films, people who care for animals and the environment are portrayed as living on the fringe; standing up for ridiculous ideals.

Sebastian’s character is inspiring, sensitive and hopeful. I would love to see more films show this side of children. Then other kids will watch these shows and know it’s okay to be reverent – to stand up for animals and the environment.

The Switch is not about protecting animals or saving the world. But such a well-placed character within a mainstream film is perfect to awaken a bit of awareness in viewers everywhere.

To the writers of the film, I say, “thank you.”



Image from The Switch - imbd.com



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