Building an Ark: 101 Solutions to Animal Suffering shows how our disregard for the natural environment has impacted on wild, domestic and companion animals.

This thought-provoking book thoroughly examines our treatment of animals, including some of our less-than-humane practices such as factory farming and fishing, puppy mills, animal testing, and trophy hunting and provides positive, solutions-based alternatives.

Building an Ark reminds us that it is not only possible, but also desirable to co-exist with animals without harming them. Some compelling options:

  • Return to humane animal husbandry
  • Consider a vegetarian diet – healthy, humane and environmentally sound
  • Raise animal welfare awareness in your community, school or business
  • Help the elderly, ill and imprisoned with companion animals
  • Create an animal food bank
  • Restore endangered habitat to bring back species
  • Take part in a community garden
  • Restore natural habitat in cities
  • Campaign for humane pest control
  • Find alternatives to bottom trawling and longlining
  • Boycott companies that practice animal cruelty

Solutions have been extensively researched and taken from practical examples around the world. Building an Ark sets out each solution on two pages, with photos, graphs, and websites for follow-up. Timely and thoughtful, this book offers solid, feasible solutions designed for specific groups: individuals, action groups, schools, businesses and governments.

Building an Ark is a 2008 Nautilus Book Awards silver winner! The Nautilus Book Awards were conceived to recognize and reward a group of world-changing books, and to celebrate how they contribute to positive social change, spiritual growth, conscious living, high-level wellness, and responsible leadership.


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9 12 2009
Aimee Osmulski

Thank you for writing this!!

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